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Lonely Planet - Travel Guidebook for Afghanistan released

by Niels Drobek last modified Sep 29, 2007 09:32 PM

Lonely Planet - the famous guidebook mostly written for backpackers and non-mass tourists who seek to discover a certain country on their own - recently released a guidebook for Afghanistan, written by Afghanistan specialist Paul Clammer.

Lonely Planet - Travel Guidebook for Afghanistan released

cover lonelyplanet Afghanistan (from spiegel online)

It was in the 70s when the last lonely planet guidebook for Afghanistan was released. Besides to contributions of Paul Clammer, the book also contains a special chapter on safety written by a Kandahar resident and former military officer and contributions by reporter Christina Lamb and Afghanistan ex-pert and lecturer Tamim Ansary.

German online newspaper “spiegel - online” cites Paul Clammer, emphasizing that this particular travel guidebook is not an ordinary one in this regard that it is primarily targeted towards employees of aid organisations and less for adventuresome backpacker tourists. In a sense “Lonely Planet – Afghanistan” can be considered as a start for information retrieval in the first place, including a lot of links and contact addresses to further up-to-date security advices.

But besides danger and risk assessments, the guidebook also describes the country’s beautiful site, vivid market places in Kabul, orange flowerage in Jalalabad and many more, presenting various locations most people know only from the news, telling it from the perspective of a voyager and thus, casting a different light on certain things.

Paul Clammer spend two month in Afghanistan for investigating the country in order to collect information at first hand and to be sure that all insider tips are valid. The Afghan expert is also carrying on the Afghan tourism website, providing interesting information upon the country at the Hindukusch Mountains, from visa and border information to historical sites and of course accommodation tips.


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