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Community of Bamiyan Development

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Welcome to the joint Community of Bamiyan Development. Our community aims at bringing together experts from diverse disciplines in the area of preservation of the Bamiyan site in Afghanistan. We attempt to bridge the gaps between different generations, desciplines and cultures on a global scale.

This community portal provides professionals a platform to share knowledge, to promote international, intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation, and to take up the challenges in Bamiyan preservation together. Furthermore, not only Bamiyan but also Afghanistan in general is of interest for this community portal.

Here, related news and events, participating research groups, potential partners, expertise activities are shared within the community to contribute to the recovery of the Bamiyan site. Please have a look at projects regarding Bamiyan and check out its art and media.

In this community you can post discussion messages in Forums, share your pictures and other files in Image and File Galleries and so on. Please contribute your experiences here. Thanks for your visit and contributions.

Highlights of the community


ACIS is developed as a community information system for cultural heritage management in Afghanistan. Based on an MS Access database developed by Department of Urban History at RWTH Aachen University, ACIS employs open web architecture and standards and Oracle technologies to present its diverse user communities a GIS-based multimedia community system integrating the existing data migrated from the Access database. Here you can post discussion messages in Forums, share your pictures and other files in Image and File Galleries and so on. An online demo is available. Request an account and give it a try!

UNESCO Cultural Masterplan

The Master Plan has been adopted by the Ministry of Urban Development in March 2006 and will serve as guiding idea for the development of the whole Bamiyan Valley. The UNESCO Cultural Masterplan elaborated by RWTH Aachen University is now online available on this website. see Cultural Master Plan

Interviews with experts involved in cultural heritage

On the occasion of the 5th UNESCO/ICOMOS conference different experts from various fields of cultural heritage management were inerviewed towards the preservation of the Bamiyan Site. Check out the insights that these professionals can give you.

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